Collaboration agreement between Microsoft and Viuing

19 de January de 2016 |

Catalan startup Viuing and US multinational Microsoft reached an agreement to introduce disposable TV on the market.

Viuing is a portable audiovisual device based on TV technology, which broadcasts what happens in sporting events in real-time. Microsoft will provide sports division customers with such devices to enhance the capabilities of its digital platform.

In the words of Sebastian Lancestremere, CEO of Microsoft Sports, “Viuing offers a complementary experience to tablets and mobile phones apps in an environment marked by First Cloud and Mobile First trends, where cloud computing and mobility lie as technological priorities”.

Through this alliance with Viuing, Microsoft increases the supply of its sports digital platform, through an innovative solution that enhances the experience of viewers by the use of technology. This agreement is in line with the company’s favor that sports organizations can connect with viewers worldwide, discuss with them and offer customized digital experiences.

Viuing is part of the business community and innovative companies that collaborate with Microsoft through the Global Sports Innovation (GSIC). The GSIC provides those companies with support services and facilities for networking and as a showcase for the most innovative technological developments in the world of sports, as in the case of the Viuing device.

Viuing made its first trials with MotoGP. During the last one, in the final GP Montul this company distributed more than 2,500 devices, depleting its stock plans for the event.