1 de December de 2015 |

The Spanish startup based in Cordoba has conducted a first round of seed investment for 300,000 euros in which several Business Angels have taken part. is an online tool for creating interactive content without coding. This is a new generation of digital resources characterized by favoring an enhancing experience for the audience.

After two years of development, made it to the Market in May 2015, having been accelerated in the first class of Founder’s Institute Andalucia. Since its launch it is doubling monthly users: currently it has over 20,000 people from 75 different countries. These users are from educational institutions, corporations or distinctive media such as ABC or Joly Group among others.

In its first round of funding they have involved several Business Angels as Axel Serenafrom Alva House Capital, Paul Martin of Laren Capital, David Carrero and Florencio Barranco from SGTA, and Civet Investments. All of them have seen great potential in and they have foreseen a future success.

Thanks to these funds, enhances the uptake of users in international markets and it will continue the platform’s technological development.