Alva House Capital invests on projects related to the online sector. It encourages and supports entrepreneurs from their early stages of development and guides them through strategy, management and finance.

Our current interest is on Start-ups related to software creation and distribution as well as on apps for the mass consumption.

Our support is not only economic, but it also focuses on diverse areas like content distribution,client acquisition, internationalization projects and monetization.

We are related to various European and private venture capital funds which offer rounds of financing.

Carlos Blanco
Fundador de Conector Startup Accelerator

“Axel serena is a pioneering entrepreneur in the digital industry and through Alva House he is using his long experience and knowledge to help and support the entrepreneurs at Conector Startup Accelerator as a mentor, and as an investor in the best projects”.

Sergio Rincón
Mystar Autograph

Alva House has been with us since the very early stages of our company already four years ago. We have always regarded “intelligent funding” – that is, the combination of investment and strategic and business support – as something very valuable. In this respect I must confess that Alva House has provided us with incomparable support at all stages throughout the development of our company.

I only have words of gratitude and I acknowledge their sense of responsibility for being so professional and human at the same time, given that leaving strictly business issues aside, I must say that our relationship with Alva House has generated a very kind and affective bond.

In any case, thank you very much for being by our side!

Karen Prats
Co-founder & CEO de

“Alva House capital believed in us by investing on our projects along with other well-known business angels in our first investment round. Further, they have constantly given us good advice for our monthly advisory boards, many thanks!!”

Iván Martinez

“At Synerquia we have witnessed how Alva House is more than just capital, it is Intelligent Capital. Axel and his team have provided us with their experience and networking whenever we needed it. I truly mean it, thanks!”

Javier García

“Alva House, led by Axel Serena and colleagues, constitutes a clear example of something which is frequently rare: an investment team that guides you, acts as a mentor, provides you with helpful expertise that enables your business to succeed. If you have come up with a brilliant idea, Alva House offers you a great opportunity to materialise these ideas and fulfil your dreams, given the high qualification and professionalism of their team and their capacity to get involved in the projects.”

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