PopPlaces.com signed an agreement with Custom Container

23 de February de 2016 |

Catalan startup PopPlaces just closed a partnership agreement with Container Custom, and launch a new way of conceptualizing Pop Up Stores.

Container Custom Stores are mobile spaces, versatile and breakers that add value to brands, and offer them the possibility of selecting a container as an option for the Pop Up Store. By using these containers as modules, the desired structure can be created with the addition of being located in any area (indoor or outdoor).

Currently on the web PopPlaces.com 4 types of Pop Up containers are offered, focused on different specialties.

Container Custom is synonymous with versatility

Versatility is a key factor in the success of the Container Store. All constructions are plug & play, that is, they do not require any kind of additional architectural work, and thus they are 100% transportable.

Since they are totally transportable they display unique features in design, location, exclusivity, etc.

Container Custom offers comprehensive management, their containers are fully customizable and designed to adapt to all factors.

Starting from a basic viability study, the design is developed and the planning of all phases begins: manufacture, installation and commissioning. Project development and construction system allow us to offer tight deadlines between 4 and 6 weeks.

Currently there Container Custom Stores installed in malls in major cities of Spain:
Maremagnum in Barcelona, Puerto Venecia in Zaragoza, Xanadu in Madrid and Bonaire in Valencia.

Due to the success of the concept of these Pop Up stores, PopPlaces.com and Container Custom have succeeded in closing (special) agreements with main groups of shopping centers in Spain, in order to place these stores in their facilities (over 250 centers throughout Spain).

Mobility and visual impact are certainly key factors in the success of Container Custom Store.